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When I Grew Up I Was Overweight And This Was Hard For Me And Hard On Me.. I Was Depressed And My Depression Got The Best Of Me.

I Wore So Many Fake Smiles, No One Knew My Pain And How I Was Feeling, On Top Of It No One Was In My Shoes, So If Anyone Were To Comfort And Support Me, They Wouldn’t Know How To.

My Weight Was Eating Me Up Inside And Resorted To Even More Food, This Hurt My Confidence And My Social Life And Other Aspects Of My Mental Health,, This Was Making Me An Outcast And When I Tried To Fit In I Was Forcing It And When Things Didn’t Work Out I Got Depressed Even More And Resorting To Food For Comfort.

I Thought I Finally Found An Outlet But It Didn’t Last Long.

Karate And Kickboxing Was My Outlet And Yeah I Lost Some Weight But I Was Still Depressed And After Sometime I Gained The Weight Back, I Just Wanted To Give Up..

I Was Constantly Trying To Find Ways, To Not Only Lose Weight But Also Trying To Find An Emotional Balance, To Where I Can Find Myself Be Happy And Find A Balance With My Health Through Fitness And Food.. It Was Hard Because There Is So Much Misinformation Out There, I Didn’t Know What To Believe.

It Was Not Only Until I A Couple Years Ago Where I Finally Found The Best Strategy To Balance My Life Where I Was Happy, Healthy And Fit.. Guess What? Intermittent Fasting Was That Answer To A Lot Of It.

My Goal Is Not To Just Transform And Help People Lose Weight But It’s Also Helping Them Find That Balance Where They Can Be Healthy, Fit And Happy Because If You’re Not Happy Then You Will Never Be Truly Healthy.

Your Emotional Well Being Is The Foundation To Your Health Because That Will Help Dictate Your Actions And Behaviour And I Want To Make Sure Your Happiness Is Important.

I Want You To Feel Good About Yourself And Be Confident!